There are various reasons why a full licence holder feels they would benefit from refresher courses with a fully qualified driving instructor.

We have taken on several people who passed their driving test many years ago and have not driven since. They may have passed their test then spent the following few years at university and then worked in London or somewhere close to public transport. Now being in the Harpenden or St Albans area, being able to drive will open up new places to visit and give independence.

There are also those who have lost their confidence in dealing with traffic and road conditions. These people require reassurance and nurturing to be able to deal with driving under all conditions.

The courses we provide are tailored to the individual. With as many lessons that the student requires and being helped to tackle different road conditions. We are lucky to have, in the Harpenden/St Albans areas, all the different types of roads. E.g motorways, country lanes, dual carriageway and busy town driving.

3EGP lessons can be taken in your own car and we can help you to feel comfortable and confident on the road.

Liam in the RED Mini
Did you learn some time ago and want to refresh your knowledge?