Motorway driving frightens and confuses many drivers no matter how well experienced they are. Harpenden and St. Albans are positioned very close to important motorway networks and the ability to tackle these major roads will widen out the areas for discovery.

In my Motorway Awareness courses I offer gentle guidance in what to look out for and thinking about other vehicles particularly large trucks. I always remember my first drive on the M1. In those days it was only 2 lanes through the Watford/Hemel section. No matter what speed I did I was overtaken by anything and everything. It was pretty scary but there was nowhere to turn for help as instructors did not offer Motorway lessons. I want to change that and therefore my lessons are tailored to you.

Traffic and weather conditions have a much greater impact on how to drive and the width of the road can be disorientating at first but once you get used to them they should present no worries for your ability to get around.

Initially you can start just doing junction by junction and staying in a position that you feel comfortable with. Gradually as your confidence increases so can the distance we go. As with learning to drive it may take time but just because you can cope with the usual roads it does not mean that you should be able to deal with motorways so additional motorway tuition will always be useful.

M1 Motorway, Hertfordshire.