Our aim is for you to have friendly, relaxed and enjoyable driving lessons to gain a new skill in the art of driving with 3 EGP to guide you

For driving lessons in Harpenden, St. Albans and close villages choose
3 EGP Elliot in the red Mini

Welcome to 3 EGP School of Motoring. My name is Elliot and I own the red Mini with the registration number 3 EGP that I use for giving driving lessons in Harpenden and St Albans. That’s the car that is constantly seen in those areas with many different people, sitting behind the steering wheel, having driving lessons or taking a refresher course.

I have been a fully qualified approved driving instructor (ADI) for 15 years registered by the DVSA to provide driving lessons and refresher courses to people of all ages and experience. I started my driving school in 2003 calling it 3 EGP school of Motoring because of my cherished number plate. I have owned that for about 35 years. I then realised that I was known as Elliot the Driving Instructor so I added that and then because I have used a red Mini from the start I found out I was also known as Elliot in the red Mini, so my full company name became 3EGP school of motoring (Elliot in the red Mini). Now every time I change my car I have to get a red Mini.

I have had the pleasure of educating many young (and not so young), men and women in the art of driving and helped them to achieve their goals of being able to drive. I also offer motorway awareness lessons and refresher courses for full licence holders. who may need help and encouragement to get back onto the road after a break from driving.

Why do I do it? A common question I am asked all the time. My answer is simple. I enjoy it. The joy on the faces of the students when the driving examiner says “I am pleased to tell you, you have passed” is mainly what being a Driving Instructor is all about. But actually that’s only part of it, as its also knowing that I have transferred my driving skills to the students and they have been able to acquire a skill for life and the freedom that being able to drive brings. For those who needed my help to get back to driving I also enjoy the knowledge that they have regained their confidence and will be out and about again.

Of course this is also tinged with a note of sadness as I do wonder if I will be missed since I always try to bring fun into the serious business of the lessons. I believe no matter how serious a subject is, the learning process should be an enjoyable experience.

To contact us, fill out the form below, call/text 07836 781522 or email elliot@3egp.com